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Cookies and Online Advertising

Cookies: World Talent Jobs and its stakeholders make use of cookies to go over trends, operate websites, administer applications, track traffic across the website, and to collect demographic data about our users, entirely. Cookies play a major role whenever it comes to a maximized and personalized user experience, which includes storing users’ precedences, enhancing search results, upgrading ad selection and keeping a tab on current user trends.

You can take control of your cookies via your web browser, but cookies may prove to be a good thing, since disabling them may restrict you from accessing or using certain attributes or characteristics of our website and its services.

We make use of the following sorts of cookies:

Security: These cookies secure access to your profile.

Preference: These cookies store your personal preferences such as employment search results.

Analytics: These cookies help us analyze traffic patterns in order to recognize desired content and possible complications.

Features: These cookies help us track the jobs you are looking for, viewing, or applying to so that we can identify and display the jobs you prefer. Cookies may also help us split our users into small test groups in order to test updates or new functions.

Advertising: These cookies help us showcase advertising to you on World Talent Jobs or third-party websites via unidentifiable data.

These cookies may remain on your PC, smartphone etc. even after you have stopped the use of our website. Security cookies may last at least 1 month after you have last visited our website, however advertisement cookies or website notices cookies may last a few days unless and until you have decided to delete them.

We additionally enable other websites to showcase ads to you while you are using our website or mobile applications. In such cases, other websites may place their own particular cookies, as if you just requested a page from their website. These third-party cookies may last long on your PC, smartphone etc. unless and until you have decided to delete them.

Besides, World Talent Jobs makes use of JavaScript and web beacons (or pixels).

Over and above that, World Talent Jobs makes use of ‘Flash Cookies’, or ‘Local Shared Objects’, for security causes and in order to look after video player settings. You are able to fine-tune your ‘Flash Cookies’ settings anytime.

Advertising Opt Out: World Talent Jobs also makes use of ‘Third-party Cookies’ in order to serve ads and provide analytics. You can decline these cookies directly via your web browser.

World Talent Jobs primarily makes use of ‘Session Cookies’, which usually expire when you close your web browser or after a couple of hours of inactivity, since they are not invariably saved on your PC, smartphone etc. Our system processes a large amount of data when you follow through a job search or apply online and this data is transferred via every search page or application procedure.

World Talent Jobs predominantly makes use of ‘Persistent Cookies’ in order to guarantee that you do not encounter pages you have previously seen and to save your time by personalizing your website experience. We also use ‘Persistent Cookies’ in order to recall the status of a recruiter who has an arrangement in place with our website. These cookies remain on your PC, smartphone etc. even after you have closed our website and some may remain persistent for a specific time span.

We also make use of ‘Persistent Third-party Cookies’ as a major part of online ad or social media campaigns in order to keep a check on website traffic landing from our ad banners that have been put up on third-party websites. The information we collect through these cookies remains anonymous and the data is not associated to any of your identifiable personal information without your legal consent. The ‘Persistent Cookies’ put up by out third-party advertisement servers last on your PC, smartphones etc. for a few days after you have last visited our website unless you delete them.

In case you wish to opt-out of customized ads placed by third-parties, you can set up your web browser to dismiss third-party cookies. Some web browsers may enable you to block third-party cookies placed by certain third-parties whose ads you do not desire to see. Additionally, you can choose to delete the cookies placed by advertisers every time they have been served. Further, third-party advertisers or third-party advertising networks may provide an opt-out of their ads option. You can see advertiser or third-party policies by visiting their websites. You may even opt-out of Google’s customized ads via Google ads opt-out page.

Remember that if you have changed your web browser settings in order to opt-out of particular cookies, your settings may be saved but they will not be carried with you if you change your web browser or log-in from another device. We advise you to go through your web browser settings every time you change your web browser or log-in from a different device.

We additionally make use of Google Inc’s Google Analytics, a web analytics tool that lets us determine our website analytics or track website traffic. Google Analytics makes use of ‘Text-based Cookies’ that are placed on your PC, smartphone etc. in order to help us evaluate how you use our website. These cookies generate information about your use of our website (which includes your IP address), which is then transferred to and saved by Google servers located in the U.S. This information is used by Google in order to analyze your use of our website, organizing website activity reports for site operators and offering other related services such as internet usage etc. This information may be transferred to the third-parties via Google under legal laws, or where third-parties are permitted to process data on behalf of Google. Google will never link your IP address with any other information stored by Google.

Web Beacons:

World Talent Jobs and its stakeholders makes use of electronic images generally known as Web beacons (also known as action tags, clear gifs or single-pixel gifs), that enables us to obtain particular information regarding your visits to our website (which includes the number of users visiting our web pages), estimate and enhance the efficacy of ads and employment postings, and provide co-branded services. Web beacons are not utilized in order to access your identifiable personal information; they are just a tool that helps systemize aggregated statistics regarding website usage. Web beacons only obtain a limited amount of information incorporating cookie number, date and time of web page visit and a brief account of the web page on which the web beacon has been placed. World Talent Jobs may also share this information with third-party processors, partners, clients, or any other third-parties in order to help them understand the type of visitors, how those visitors utilize particular web pages and the potency of their ads and employment postings.

You cannot opt-out of or decline Web beacons since they are synonymous to any other content-related demand placed in the recipe web page. However, you can render them ineffective by either changing your web browser cookie settings or opting out of cookies.


World Talent Jobs additionally makes use of a script language generally known as JavaScript such as within particular ads. JavaScript improves the practicability of our website, especially with regards to images. We do not use JavaScript in order to collect any personal information, but only to notify our workforce regarding the number of applicants who have clicked on the e-mail addresses rooted in their job postings. You may activate or deactivate JavaScript via you web browser settings. However, you may not be able to use a few functions or features of our website if you disable JavaScript.

We are grateful to you for visiting World Talent Jobs.