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World Talent Jobs Privacy Commitment Overview

World Talent Jobs values its users when it comes to safe and secure user experience and is keen on safeguarding the privacy of users. Online data collection and usage policies which only belong to this Website are put forward in this privacy statement. The statement describes the World talent Jobs dedication and determination in managing the personal information of its users and also describes the procedure that is followed for the collection of such information. How this information is shared and is secured keeping the choices made by users on how they use, access or correct their personal information. This statement is solely applicable on the data gathered on and is not accountable for any other information or website.

By using this website or application, Users hereby agree to the collection, utilization and transfer of the data as discussed in this Privacy Statement.

Scope of this Policy

This ‘Privacy Policy’ adheres to, which is an online yet convenient employment platform owned and managed by World Talent Recruitment W.L.L. It is the policy of World Talent Jobs to comply with the legislation of data protection, WAP (mobile version), or any other smartphone applications that run the website.

Information We Collect and Retain

Whenever you access, or use our website or any of its service, we collect your personal information or data: We collect and store your information if you enter it on our website, or send it to us in any way.

However, we only collect, or store your personal information in case you have decided to share it with us. This incorporates:

  • Your personal information such as your name, address, phone number, e-mail address etc.
  • Your resume, or any other personal data on your resume.
  • The data you have used to apply for a job opportunity.
  • The data you have shared with us while contacting us in any way.
  • Any information about your employment status, or business such as your business name, business structure, business type etc.
  • World Talent Jobs does not intend to collect any sensitive personal data. This sensitive data comprises of passwords to email accounts or any other social media accounts, password to World Talent Job account (our system efficiently saves the password to our Server whenever the user gets registered or creates an account, World Talent Jobs may block your access unless required under any legal obligation) any sort of financial information like bank account number or credit card number or any other payment method.

    Whenever you access, or use our website, mobile application or any of its services, there is certain information, or data about you that is automatically collected, or stored, which may include:

  • Your online activity, or history on our platform such as the employment opportunities you have searched or applied for.
  • Your operating system, IP address and IS provider.
  • Your browser and your device ID.
  • The files, pages, content, graphics, media etc. you have viewed on our website.
  • Your date/time stamp, or your clickstream data.
  • This information is automatically collected and processed for legitimate interests of World Talent Jobs. This information is combined with your personal information in order to detect or get rid of any fraudulent activities. This information may also be combined with your personal information or resume information in order to provide you with the best possible employment search results.

    How Information is used

    The data we obtain and store is utilized for:

  • Provision of our services.
  • Responding to your questions, suggestions or recommendations.
  • Managing and improving our website, or online application.
  • Provide an all-round, better user experience.
  • There are some third parties which can see your personal information and can reach out to you. These third party can see your information because of our resume and profile database and social media search enables them.

    Users posting any sort of information in public areas or searchable resume database of the website should keep in mind that this kind of information can be accessed, utilized, or saved by others around the globe, which is risky if you are residing in one of those countries where there is no legal legislation which guarantees the safeguard of such information. World Talent Jobs is working seamlessly to ensure the protection of your information, users are advised not to post any sensitive information like personality profiles etc. World talent Jobs has no control over third parties and is not accountable for their usage of users’ personal information.

    The data we collect helps us understand the interest of users whether they are looking out for opportunities or certain products or services provided by a concerned third party. Our services subjects the users to certain personalized products, material and advertising that is entirely based on their career experience and interests. World Talent Jobs has business relationship and to uphold that partnership our users are subjected to ads on our website. Information we gather from you and from other third parties helps World Talent Jobs determine the targeted ads for our users.

    Record about all the visitors of World Talent Jobs

    World Talent Jobs values its clients and users above all and to enhance their overall experience we collect the information related to all our users collectively for instance which domain or section of the website has most visitors. This data is only utilized anonymously and as a whole works like a feedback and serves a sole purpose that is to improve the user experience. This bulk of data is also shared with our business partners so that they may become aware of how the Website is being used which also helps us to determine our shortcomings when it comes to user experience. World Talent Job assures its users that their individual visits are not shared with any outside party unless and until it is necessary to share the required information under the jurisdiction of laws, rules and regulation or in sort of legal proceedings.

    Utilization and declaration of the data being collected

    World Talent Jobs is a podium for its users to present their information which enhances the probability for a better career. This collected data is then shared with third parties which are further categorized as:

  • World Talent Recruitment group of companies on a global scale;
  • Whenever a user posts their resume, employer has the access to the information;
  • Companies providing services under World Talent Jobs’ flag;
  • Other third parties under jurisdiction of law;
  • Whenever users provide sensitive information like contact number and show interest in a job or apply for a certain job or contact the employer, he/she agrees to reveal his/her information to employer. Employer thereby can contact such users for job related purposes.

    World Talent Jobs has no intentions of sharing the contact information of its users either for marketing or any other means to any third parties without their agreement. Information will only be revealed upon their agreement. We share information in as mentioned below:

    Information shared with third parties ensure the smooth flow of services and delivery of our products. These services include analyzing transactions made through credit cards, assisting the users for marketing, processing the data. These services can only be performed unless and until they have access to your personal information. World Talents Jobs assures you apart from such services your personal information will not be used for any other purpose.

    Permission to and stocking personal information of users

    Guardianship of Information: In order to keep all the information that has been recorded against users, World Talent Jobs is making efforts to ensure that the use of its websites is more efficient, practical and resourceful unless the user changes his/her mind to remove his/her personal information as mentioned. As long as user is active, his/her information will be kept with World Talent Jobs to provide them required services, obey the legal duty, putting an end to disputes, and impose our accord.

    If a correction, permission or an update made by the user is violating other person’s rights World Talent Jobs may oppose or restrict such an action or is allowed by relevant law.

    Important Information


    Protect your personal information: Know that your log-in data such as your username, e-mail, or password are kept safe and confidential.

    World Talent Jobs has undergone professional and structural measures that ensure the security of users’ personal information in case of any sort of accidental loss and from illegal approach, utilization, editing or unveiling. Having such precautionary measures and keeping in mind that Internet nowadays is an open system and no one can ensure that their will not be any invasion from third parties or that the third parties will not be victorious against such defenses to utilize personal information of users for illegal purpose. Our main target is to provide our users a podium where they can transmit the information globally which further increase their career opportunities. Such surroundings are most likely to be at risk from a third party, and to avoid such situations, users should stay in contact with our Support Center for further Information on how to make safe job search. In addition to that, World Talent Jobs suggests its users not to share any sort of sensitive information in your resumes which they do not want to go public.

    Apart from this, we use cookies, java script and web beacons to administer our website and to provide the user elite personalized experience.

    Use of cookies, web beacons, and Java Script enables us to monitor our website and bring a personalized experience to its users. For further detailed information on each of these, please see below.

    Changes to Privacy Statement

    We are entitled to revise, or update the contents of this ‘Privacy Statement’ but we will let you know via a pre-eminent notice on the website since you are bound to know what sort of personal information we collect, how we use that information, and to whom shall we unveil it.

    Thank you for accessing or using We strive hard to provide you with the outstanding tools, or techniques in order to build a successful career.

    Legal and Contact Information

    Have questions? We are here to guide you in case you have any concerns regarding this ‘Privacy Statement’ or you feel like we have violated this ‘Privacy Statement’ in any manner.

    We acknowledge your useful insight including your suggestions, or recommendations, so please do not hesitate to contact us online, via post, or telephone:

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