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Terms of Use

This page incorporates our ‘Terms of Use’, the rules or the guidelines, which you are bound to agree to in order to use or access, a convenient online platform to post employment vacancies and seek job opportunities.

World Talent Jobs ‘Terms of Use’ include our ‘Privacy Statement’ which is subsumed into these ‘Terms of Use’ via reference.

You are advised to go through this page carefully. By using, you agree that you have read and accepted our ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Statement’. However, if you do not accept our ‘Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Statement’, then you may not have the legal right to access this website, and you must immediately discontinue the use of this platform and its services. is entitled to revise or update the below-mentioned ‘Terms of Use’ from time to time, so you are advised to review this page periodically.

Note that the terms ‘User’ or ‘You’ refer to all individuals, groups, or entities using or accessing this website and its services for any reason whatsoever. may suspend or terminate user’s access, or use of the website, or its services in case he/she violates these ‘Terms of Use’.

1. Eligibility

In order to access, or use and its services, you must confirm that you are at least 18 years old. By accepting ‘Terms of Use’ or accessing, or using the website or its services, you are implying and testifying that you are 18 years old, or more, and that you have agreed to the website’s ‘Terms of Use’, and you have attained the legal right, or authority to access, or use the website. By doing so, you also make a vow to that you will access, or use the website according to the legal laws and regulations put forward by the website.

2. Use of World Talent Jobs Content

World Talent Jobs permits its users, acknowledging these Terms and Condition, users can view and utilize a single copy of the material that is available on the website of World Talent Jobs (, this will not only allow the users to have access to the website but to the material (as mentioned below) which can be downloaded/printed for one’s own or non-business use. The material available on the website ( and all other websites that are administered by the Company either partially or completely, that includes designs, texts, illustrations, photos, videos, information, logos, button icons, software and all the material available on World Talent Jobs are secured under Qatar and foreign copyrights and laws. World talent Jobs and its grantors have the ownership of the Material available on the website. Unauthorized/unlicensed use of this material will violate the rules and regulations and is not allowed under any circumstances. Users will be responsible to safeguard the copyrights, trademarks, service marks that are contained within the material downloaded from World Talent Jobs. Users are not allowed to sell and by any means temper the material or present it publicly or distribute it. Users are not allowed to integrate the material with any product or service that does not belong to World Talent Jobs as it will create perplexity among consumers/customers or can violate the intellectual property rights of World Talent Jobs.

World Talent Jobs’ content including any codes they generate, images or media they display etc. is protected by copyright. You are not entitled to copy or adapt such content under any circumstance.

You are not authorized to use World Talent Jobs content such as job postings, graphics, images etc. on any other site or any networked computer setting (such as, with no such limitation, by rewriting, republishing or reuploading the content, graphics, media etc. on any Intranet, Internet or Extranet website or using or merging World Talent Jobs content in any other compilation or database for any reason, whatsoever). You are not authorized to adapt or copy World Talent Jobs’ HTML code that they create in order to generate content or any of the web pages, which are also copyright protected.

These ‘Terms of Use’ do not confer any permit to intellectual property right, via estoppel, implication or otherwise, unless and until it is stated herein. This license can be annulled without any prior or without any cause at any time.

3. World Talent Jobs Site Restrictions

You are not entitled to utilize any World Talent Jobs websites to display, upload, update, publish, modify, transmit, distribute, host, store, share or destroy content, incorporating without any limitation World Talent Jobs material:

Breach of any pertinent law or ordinance,

In a way that will violate the trademark, copyright, intellectual property or any trade secret or any proprietary right or infringe the publicity, privacy or any other personal rights of others,

That is the property of another individual and to which users do not have any possession of,

That is indecently dangerous, obscene, harassing, defamatory, blasphemous, threatening, libelous, abusive, invasive of any other individual’s privacy, hateful, racist, disparaging, ethnically or culturally objectionable, or otherwise illegal in any way whatsoever.

Torment minors in any manner,

Misguide or double-cross the addressee regarding the origin of such a message or transmit any data which is unseemly menacing or offensive in any way,

Includes software or computer viruses or any other software codes, programs or files formulated to limit, interrupt or destroy the functionality or applicability of World Talent Jobs’ IT infrastructure or website or World Talent Jobs’ clients, consumer’s PCs, smartphones etc. or any other site,

Intimidates the integrity, security, unity, defense or sovereignty of Qatar, blooming relationships with other states or of any public statement or trigger incitement to any offence commission or intercepts or blocks any offence-related investigation or insults any other state of nation in any way whatsoever.

Users are additionally forbidden from transgressing or trying to infringe the security or privacy of World Talent Jobs website, incorporating, without any limitation the below-mentioned activities:

Retrieving any information not meant for such user or logging into a server or any account that is not intended for the user to access;

Trying to scan, test or probe the sensitivity of a network or a system or to infringe the security, privacy or authentication steps without any legal authorization;

Trying to restrain or inhibit with service to users, network or host, incorporating without any limitation, by giving way to any software or computer virus to any World Talent Jobs website, ‘crashing’, ‘spamming’, ‘overloading’, ‘mail bombing’, ‘flooding’ or ‘crashing’; or

Copying any IP or TCP packet header or any other part of the header data in any newgroup or e-mail etc. Any infringements of network or system may cause criminal or civil liability. World Talent Jobs will take measures in order to investigate any such violations and may even cooperate with, or involve law enforcement agencies in punishing users who are involved in such occurrences.

4. Registration Information

When you sign up with World Talent Jobs website, you are asked to give certain information to the Company such as, without any limitation, your name, your e-mail address etc. Along with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy that applied to World Talent Jobs website, you comprehend and agree that World Talent Jobs may unveil certain information to the third-party organizations, anonymously, that is present in your application for registration.

Furthermore, World Talent Jobs, without any limitation to any warranty disclaimers put forward in these Terms of Use, does not issue or provide any proof regarding the nature or quality of any third-party services or products bought via World Talent Jobs website, or any other warrant, guaranty or representation. Any such warranty, guaranty, representation or undertaking would be provided by the provider alone, under any terms and conditions set by the provider.

5. Use of World Talent Jobs Services

World Talent Jobs’ opportunities or functionalities may only be utilized by people looking for jobs in Qatar and by managers, employers or owners looking out for employees or workforce. The use of any World Talent Jobs products or services is subjected to any other contracts that you may have with the Company. If there occurs a conflict between your contract and these Terms of Use put forward by World Talent Jobs, your contract and its terms will prevail. ‘Post’ is used here in order to display any information or data that you may publish, display or submit to World Talent Jobs website.

6. Specific Prohibited uses

World Talent Jobs particularly prohibits the use of any other such service via the Company, and the users must agree to refrain from the below-mentioned things:

Distribute, transmit, store, post or destroy any material, incorporating without any such limitation, any World Talent Jobs content work, infringement of any practical law or ordinance, which includes, however not limited to, any laws or rules that govern the processing, transfer or collection of personal data, or in violation of World Talent Jobs Privacy Policy;

Apply for any employment or post, publish or display any resume on behalf of any other individual or party;

Put off any individual from an employer to any agency, agent or any third-party organization;

Display a couple of copies or more of the same resume in the public at a particular time;

Ask for passwords or any other identifiable personal information from other individuals;

Publish employment postings on any World Talent Jobs website for any rival company of World Talent Jobs or publishing any other content or material that includes links or hyperlinks to any such website that is a competitor of World Talent Jobs;

Publish content or jobs on World Talent Jobs website that incorporates any e-mail addresses, keywords or hidden keywords, hyperlinks, HTML tags that are not relevant to the employment posting or are misleading or deceiving in any way, are considered illegal whatsoever;

Publish job opportunities for modeling on World Talent Jobs website;

Utilize any World Talent Jobs website CVs for any reason other than as a manager, employer or an owner looking out for employees, incorporating, however without any limitation to, the data or information contained within the Resume Database to promote or sell any services or products;

Publish or submit any false, incomplete or inaccurate information or data that does not belong to you;

Publish any pyramid scheme, franchise, distributorship agency, club membership, sales representative organization or any other business opportunity which needs any periodic or upfront payment, or commissions (unless and until the job postings clearly state that the jobs are commission only and explain the product or the service that is being sold, in such cases postings are allowed) or requires any member, sub-agent or sub-distributor recruitment, on World Talent Jobs website;

Send unsolicited faxes or e-mails, make unsolicited calls for advertising or promotions of products or services to any World Talent Jobs user or website;

Perform any such action that causes large or unreasonable load on any World Talent Jobs site or infrastructure;

Utilize any robots, data mining, data extraction or data gathering methods. The use or any attempt to utilize any software, agent, engine, device, tool or mechanism (incorporating without any such limitation spiders, avatars, robots, browsers or AI agents) to search or navigate any World Talent Jobs website other than any search engine or search engine tools and agents made available by World Talent Jobs on website.

Trying to decompile, reverse engineer, decipher, disassemble any of the software that is the part of World Talent Jobs website;

Utilize the services of World Talent Jobs for any illegal or illicit purpose or activity, or publish or post any material, resume, content or job opportunity that is libelous, vulgar, defamatory, implicit, threatening, obscene, hateful, explicitly offensive, racist, illegal, menacing, discriminatory or may cause inconvenience, anxiety, annoyance, embarrassment, harassment to any individual or may incorporate any links or hyperlinks to indecent content, sexually implicit or pornographic website, according to the limits set by World Talent Jobs.

World Talent Jobs additionally prohibits the use of insertion of any of the URL, e-mail, address, web link and website of Users while publishing any job posting on World Talent Jobs website. All users must agree not to utilize or insert any other individual’s web link, address, e-mail, URL or website while they are posting a job on World Talent Jobs.

In case a user violates the terms put forth by World Talent Jobs, the Company may terminate or limit the ability of the user to visit or use World Talent Jobs website. The Company may decide to take any other legal action against the offending user, or may even remove the user or his or her content from the website. World Talent Jobs takes no responsibility or liability to the performance or non-performance of users involved in such activities. World Talent Jobs is entitled to take any legal or lawful action against such users.

7. User Content and Submissions

Whatever information you submit, display or publish or the information you transmit to other users you’ll be responsible for that. That information may include My World Talent Jobs Account information, messages or user content. In case you post any content or material on World Talent Jobs website, you grant and accept, represent and certify that you own the right to warrant, to the Company a perpetual, irrevocable, international yet non-exclusive license to copy, display, use, distribute and perform such user material and to make derivative copies of, or include into any other work, such content, and to certify and warrant sub-licenses or certifications.

Whenever you post the user content of any World Talent Jobs Site, it means that you grant the Company as well as its parent company along with affiliates the perpetual, loyalty free, sublicense able, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to reproduce, use, adapt, modify, translate, publish, distribute, create derivative works from, perform, communicate to the public as well as display the user content worldwide. Not only this but you also warrant that any rights holder, which also includes moral rights, has effectively and completely waived all these rights and irrevocably and validly given you the right to grant licenses stated above. You can also permit other users to display, access, store, view and reproduce user content for personal use. The owner of such User Content which exists in World Talent Jobs website retains all the rights that may exist in such User Content.

The company has no obligation on information in advance or to screen communications and neither it is responsible for monitoring or screening User Content posted by users, the company just acts as passive conduit. However, the Company has the authority to review and delete any User Content that violates applicable law, Terms of Use, rules, regulations, regulation, or which threatens or harms the safety of any World Talent Jobs Site Users. In case of any violation, which includes violation of applicable law, rules and regulations the company have the authority to expel users as well as prevent their further access to World Talent Jobs Site. If user content folders are not accessed for 6 months or more by the particular users, the company has the right to archive that user content folder. In such case, user will still be able to access the archive folders but with minor limitations.

The following list of User Content is prohibited on World Talent Jobs Site. The following list is incomplete and just for illustration:

User Content that promotes or endorses bigotry, racism, hatred or any kind of physical harm against any individual or group.

User Content that advocates harassment against any individual or group or incites harassment.

User Content which transmits “Chain Letters”, “Unsolicited Mass Mailing”, “Chain Letters” or “Spamming”.

User Content that endorses misleading or false information. Content that endorses illegal activities, threatening, obscene, defamatory or libelous.

User Content that violates copyright rules and regulations, such as unauthorized copy of another person's work, providing pirated computer programs, providing pirated music or other media.

User Content that password only access pages or restricted pages, or hidden images or pages.

User Content which links to pornographic content or displays it, or content which is sexually explicit or displays indecent material of any kind.

User Content which provides or links to stuff which exploits people which are under 18 in a violent, sexual, or seek personal information from anyone who is under 18.

User Content which promotes illegal activities or the activities which are prohibited by these Terms, which includes without limitation, buying or making weapons which are illegal, violating privacy of someone, or creates or provides computer viruses or information that is personal identifying from other Users.

If anyone is found engaged in any prohibited or illegal conduct, or violating the terms of use which includes without limitation, removing content from site or preventing user’s authority to access World Talent Jobs site, the company has authority to take legal action against that person.

Any reliance on the data or material which is posted on site by the other users will be at your own risk. The company does not guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness or reliability of user content.

8. Registration and Password

Maintaining the confidentiality of any passwords or accounts or account information is the sole responsibility of Users. Users are solely responsible for accessing and using the website, passwords, registrations, accounts, if or not sanctioned by You. Users are recommended not to share their passwords or any other personal information with any other individual or third-party, on temporary or permanent basis, and violation of this basic responsibility may lead to deactivating World Talent Jobs account or disabling services. In case of any unauthorized use of your account or passwords, you are required to notify the company immediately.

9. Additional Terms Applicable to Employers

World Talent Jobs’ employment postings are the sole responsibility of employers. World Talent Jobs is not an employer, and does not take any responsibility regarding your employment choices, for any reason whatsoever, put up by any employer posting jobs in Qatar on the website .

You must comprehend and learn that in case you deactivate or disable your World Talent Jobs employer account, or in case your account is banned, terminated or blocked, all of your account data and information, which includes any network contacts, stored resumes, e-mail listings etc. will known as deleted or may even be deleted from World Talent Jobs databases. Data or information may remain available on the website or database for a short period of time due to delays that propagate deletions or removals via World Talent Jobs’ servers.

World Talent Jobs limits the number of e-mails that an employer may send to users in order to protect users from any solicitation or advertising. This limit is solely set by World Talent Jobs to a number that is considered appropriate by the Company.

Profiles of candidates that are derived from Content of Users may additionally be made accessible via the websites. World Talent Jobs do not take any responsibility regarding the validity or accuracy of any such content or their suitability for reviewal by employers. User Content and derived profiles may vary a lot.

Job posts

Any Job post must not include:

Any links or hyperlinks, except the ones particularly authorized by the Company;

Unreadable, misleading, deceitful, hidden or repeated keywords that are not relevant to the job posting that is being displayed or published, as decided by World Talent Jobs;

Any trademarks, names, logos of unaffiliated organizations, except the ones authorized by World Talent Jobs;

Any names that belong to cities, colleges, towns, states or countries that are not related to the job;

More than one job, job description, job category, job location, except the ones in which such a thing is allowed by the product;

False, inaccurate, deceitful or misleading data or information;

Content, material or any links or hyperlinks to content or any such material that is violent or sexual in nature, or solicits any information or data from minors.

You are not allowed to utilize you World Talent Jobs posting to:

Publish jobs in a way that is not compatible with appropriate local, federal, national or international laws or regulations, incorporating, however without any limitation to, rules or laws regarding labor and employment, and job eligibility criteria, data access, data privacy or use, or intellectual property;

Publish job postings that incorporate any screening criteria or requirement in association with a job where such criteria or requirement is not considered a lawful or truthful requirement for the job;

Publish jobs or any other ads that are meant for the rivals of World Talent Jobs, or any other material that may contain links or hyperlinks to competitive organizations;

Advertise, sell or promote any other products or services;

Publish any arrangement regarding any pyramid scheme, distributorship, club membership, franchise, sales representative company, multi-level marketing agency etc.

Publish any job or business opportunity that may require any upfront payment, periodic payment or may require the recruitment of any other sub-agents, members of distributors.

Advertise or promote sexual job postings or may seek individuals for jobs of sexual nature;

Ask for the utilization of any human body part, or the donation of any human body part, or any reproductive services like the donation of an egg or sperms or surrogacy etc.;

Promote, advertise or endorse any political party, political position or political agenda;

Promote or advertise a specific region;

Ethnic or racial origin;

Political, religious or philosophical beliefs;

Mental or physical healthcare.

World Talent Jobs is entitled to delete any job posting or material from any website, which according to the terms set by World Talent Jobs, does not fulfill the criteria mentioned herein, or in case the Company believes that any such content is not serving the purpose of the Company.

World Talent Jobs own the right to terminate or disable your account or remove your content in case you choose to misrepresent a fact or mislead World Talent Jobs regarding the nature of your job or business or any such information.

10. Identification of Agent to Receive Notification and Elements of Notification of Claimed Copyright Infringement

In case you are of the opinion that any of your copyrighted content is posted, copied or uploaded to any World Talent Jobs site, or is accessible, or can be utilized via World Talent Jobs website, in such a manner that may causes copyright violation, you are requested to contact our copyright agent immediately with the below-mentioned information:

The electronic or physical signature of the owner of the copyright or of the individual who has the authority to act on the behalf of owner;

A brief description of the content you believe is copyrighted, and a description of the infringing activity;

URL, link, hyperlink or the location od the web page or the content you believe is violating the copyrights; Send us enough information to locate the content;

Your name, email address, telephone number, address etc.

Your personal statement; describing your good faith and belief, describing how or why you believe the material is copyrighted, and that you are not misleading us in any way whatsoever;

You statement, that must be made by you under the penalty of perjury, stating that the information you have given us in your application is accurate and not false or misleading.

Contact us by post:

World Talent Recruitment W.L.L.

Doha, State of Qatar – P.O. Box 4247

Contact us via telephone or online contact form:


11. World Talent Jobs' Liability

World Talent Jobs or or any of its websites act as places for managers, employers or owners to publish job postings and seek for and analyze employees, and for candidates to post profiles, submit resumes and look out for and analyze employment opportunities. does not censor or screen any resumes or job postings. is not responsible or involved in any payments made between the candidates and the employers. This is why, World Talent Jobs does not take any responsibility regarding user profiles, resumes, content or the safety, quality or legality of the resumes or jobs posted, the accuracy or truth of any job listings, the capacity of managers or owners to offer employment or the skill or ability of employees to fulfill job requirements. World Talent Jobs additionally does not make any representation regarding any resumes, jobs or user profiles or content present at the website.

Although World Talent Jobs is entitled to remove or delete any user content, resumes, profiles, job postings or any other material posted at World Talent Jobs website, the Company does not presume any duty to do so. World Talent Jobs disclaims any responsibility for not succeeding to take any such action as allowed by the law.

World Talent Jobs does not communicate with any users, or is not involved in any such correspondences. This is why World Talent Jobs takes no responsibility regarding the completeness, accuracy, reliability or the timelines of user content or profiles and makes no representation regarding any user content or profile.

Furthermore, remember that there are certain risks like, without any limitation, physical or mental harm, dealing with foreign nationals, strangers, minors or fake individuals. You are recommended to consider all the risks before you access or use the website. Information provided by other individuals may be harmful, offensive, inaccurate, deceptive or misleading. This is why you are advised to use common sense and caution before accessing and using World Talent Jobs.

World Talent Jobs does not make any claims regarding the authenticity of every user. World Talent Jobs is not involved in any user-user dealings and have no control or power over the behavior of users on any of its websites or any content of jobs in Qatar, this is why, in case of a dispute, you release World Talent Jobs, our employees and our agents, from any suspected or unsuspected, known or unknown, disclosed or undisclosed demands, claims or any direct, indirect, actual or consequential damages.

World Talent Jobs material may include typographic mistakes or inaccurate information or data. World Talent Jobs does not make any claim regarding the accuracy, completeness, reliability or timeliness of the content. Your use of World Talent Jobs website is at your own risk. World Talent Jobs is entitled to make any changes in the website and its content at any time. World Talent Jobs does not make any claim regarding particular outcomes associated with the use of website. No oral or written advice or information or data obtained by any user via any World Talent Jobs website shall be guaranteed not expressly stated here.

You accept that you are responsible for the content, profile and the accuracy of your resume or any material placed by you on the website. Employers are responsible for their job postings. World Talent Jobs is not an employer and shall not be considered an employer under any circumstance. World Talent Jobs is not responsible for your job decisions, or your success or failure associated with the use of this website.

World Talent Jobs advices you to save a back-up of your content placed on World Talent Jobs website. World Talent Jobs shall not be responsible for deletion, loss, removal or unauthorized modification or revision of any of your content.

12. Disclaimer of Warranty

World Talent Jobs does not warrant or guarantee that their website will run without any error or that World Talent Jobs website or their servers are not spoilt by a software or computer viruses or any such dangerous activities. World Talent Jobs is not responsible for your utilization of the company’s content in place of any equipment or data or service, or any such costs.

World Talent Jobs or other third parties related to the company shall not be responsible for any incidental damages, consequential damages, lost profits, lost data, lost job opportunities, business interruption, etc. that may have been a result of use or ineligibility to use any World Talent Jobs website or content.

13. Links to Other Sites

World Talent Jobs website includes third-party links. World Talent Jobs do not take any responsibility regarding the accuracy of any third-party content, products or services and shall not, in any case, be considered a representative of the content present on any third-party websites. You are responsible for any risks in case you access, visit or use any such third-party websites.

14. No Resale or Unauthorized Commercial Use

You understand and agree not to assign, resell or advertise your obligations or rights under these terms of use. You additionally agree not to utilize any World Talent Jobs website for illegal commercial use.

15. General

World Talent Jobs does not make any claim regarding the lawful access of the website outside Qatar. Certain individuals or individuals residing in certain countries may not be legally eligible to access World Talent Jobs website. You are solely responsible for your access to World Talent Jobs website depending upon the laws set by your state or country. These terms of use are ruled under the laws set by Qatar, without any respect to its conflicts of principles of laws. Any legal proceedings regarding any claims made under this agreement shall only lie within the courts at Doha, located in Qatar. If a court invalidates any provision in these terms of use, it shall not influence the authenticity of any other provisions in these terms of use, and they shall remain in complete effect and force. No refusal, or rejection of any term in these Terms of Use shall be regarded as or for a following refusal of any term. Unless and until such a thing is incorporated in any additional terms of use or agreement, and or a specific ‘legal notice’ or material or any software license or warrant on specific web pages, these terms o of use form the whole agreement between World Talent Jobs and you as far as the use and access of World Talent Jobs is concerned. World Talent Jobs is eligible to revise these terms and conditions at any time.

16. Payment

World Talent Jobs offers paid services for both for employers and job seekers such as Featured Job Postings and Paid Profile Listings. World Talent Jobs does not refund the payments except those cases where the charges were made as a consequence of the technical errors related to World Talent Jobs website. For billing assistance please contact us at:

Update effective: May, 2019